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Biomechanics coaching is a system of locating and eradicating any dysfunction in your musculoskeletal system that may be causing you pain or discomfort such as lower back pain or a dysfunction that is inhibiting your performance.


The techniques used for this are muscle anti-spasm exercises, muscle activations, nerve flossing and joint mobilisation.


The assessment process will generate the corrective exercises that then can be built into a training programme for you to use in the gym. Follow up sessions will then progress you into a mechanical efficient state leaving you moving better, with less injuries and enabling better performance, aswell as giving you the tools to manage dysfunction and pain in the future.


Benefits of biomechanics include:-


Move better with less pain or injuries.

Improved posture.

Improved performance. 

Manage or eradicate lower back pain. 

Be in control of your own mechanics.


£40.00  Initial Assessment

£25.00  Follow Up Appointments

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Within our JustFit team of fitness professionals, we have trainers with rehab qualifications who are keen to keep you moving pain-free.


Whether you play a sport recreationally or to a high level, an injury can be really annoying and frustrating as it can stop you doing what you enjoy and these days a lot of us enjoy playing a sport in order to help keep us fit and healthy.

Our Manual therapist uses a variety of hands-on techniques intended to produce any or all of the following effects: 

•improve tissue extensibility
•increase range of motion of the joint complex
•mobilize or manipulate soft tissues and joints;

•induce relaxation; 
•change muscle function; 
•modulate pain 
•reduce soft tissue swelling, inflammation or movement restriction.


We are able to use our qualifications and experience to prescribe and take you through exercises to rehab an injury as well as getting you stronger so that that injury won't come back.


We offer Pre-emption treatment, such as sports massage and corrective exercise to improve movement, posture and form. Improving your sporting performance, speeding recovered and or simply targeting those little niggles that we get overtime with our day to day lives. Avoiding a long lay-off from your sport, work or activity.



Book in for a consultation today and see how our therapist can help you:

1-hour consultation with manual therapist £35
1-hour sports massage £35
30min target area £20



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Classes available:


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More information coming soon


Classes available:

Tuesday 20:30 - 21:15 - £6.00 per session