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Our aim is to bring a balance between your fitness schedule, life and other commitments.


We understand that time is precious so lets make your gym visits worthwhile. If you've struggled to gain results in the past then we can work out why and work out a way in which you can really benefit  from the effort you do put in.

Our facility is equipped to help you achieve the results you want. Our staff and trainers are on hand to support and guide you when you need it.

We are not just another gym. We are JustFit and we want to get you to your goals.

Find our more about our team, our timetable and JustFit below.

Karla Peacock


Tel 07753616765

Email hello@justfituk.com


I've worked within the fitness industry for over 10 years. My passion is bringing balance to the body as a whole. Incorporating both fitness and wellbeing. I've studied complementary health to degree level as well as many other fitness courses. My knowledge and expertise comes in great depth and I ensure my approach towards clients matches that. Delivering effective, structured, purposeful sessions that are energetic, goal attaining and still remain enjoyable. As one of my clients you get 100% commitment from myself in every respect and we will succeed in hitting the goals set together.


Daniel Schofield


Tel 07753616765

Email hello@justfituk.com


If I had a specific target area, it would be to lift technically - including at high intensity. However, I have training knowledge in plenty of areas - to help you achieve your goals! For example, I cover;

  • Strength Increase

  • Fat Loss

  • Grow confidence

Ralph Hassan


Tel 07753616765

Email hello@justfituk.com

Are you looking to build explosive power? Do you want to achieve that lean and ripped body for the beach? Well, I'm the PT for you. I specialise in explosive training that increases muscle tissue, builds up speed, and gets you the body you deserve. This includes boxing training and power-lifting.


Claire Kopicki

Tel 07753616765

Email hello@justfituk.com

I qualified as a level 5 Master Trainer in Australia in 2005, and now my clients have been benefiting from my knowledge - and getting results! I focus on creating a healthier, stronger, and all-round better body for you. Whether you want to be a professional tri-athlete, or you want to cure your bad back; I can get you to that end goal! Also, I offer rehab work, to coincide with your personal training.

The road to your dream body starts with the click of a button.

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There are packages to suit everyone. If you are looking to work on building muscle, lowering body fat, recovering from injury or just to boost your general health then you can benefit from any of our offers below.